UX/UI Teacher Assistant - Freelance

Job description

#About the gig


9 week mission!


At Ironhack we are looking for a full time Teacher Assistant for our brand new UX/UI Bootcamp, who is not only passionate about design, but also about sharing her knowledge with the next generation of designers.


The Teacher Assistant will maintain a close relationship with the students, helping them advance through our intense programs. The perfect TA must be a strong communicator and also very patient, since you’ll need to be able to explain abstract concepts to first-time designers.

The job can be combined with freelancing activities, so it should be a perfect fit for a seasoned freelancer who wants to spend 2 months in an amazing environment surrounded by passioned design students:


Teacher Assistant will be responsible for:

  • Helping the UX/UI students of the course achieve their goals
  • Oversee and mentor their work on a daily basis
  • Help teachers with materials and exercises they have planned
  • Brief and pass knowledge every week from teacher to teacher
  • Overseeing the whole academic experience of an Ironhack bootcamp
  • Providing feedback of the course weekly to the team



The ideal candidate should be:

  • Passionate about education: although we don’t require previous formal teaching experience, we’re looking for people who enjoy teaching/mentoring
  • Passionate about UX/UI, with 6 months to 2 years of previous experiences in UX design
  • A great communicator: can you be engaging as a teacher?


* Fluent in both French and English