Lead Teacher Web Development - PARIS

Job description

We are looking for a Lead Teacher for our Web Development Bootcamp who is passionate about coding, but also passionate about sharing his/her knowledge with the next generation of developers. The Lead Teacher is someone who has a deep understanding of programming and good development practices gathered from his/her educational journey and real-world experience. 

You need to be a strong communicator and very patient - you’ll need to be able to explain abstract concepts to the future generation of developers.


The Lead instructor will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing the whole academic experience of an Ironhack bootcamp (from student selection to graduation)
  • Teaching at our Paris Campus (located Paris 11e)
  • Creating engaging content for our Web Development courses that may include lessons, exercises and/or mini-projects
  • Managing Teaching Assistants (TA)
  • Lead instructor will not need to produce the curriculum. The curriculum is pre-made, all the content is ready


#Job Requirements

  • Technologies & skills with professional experience: 
    • Deep understanding of computer programming principles.
    • Follow Engineering best practices to solve problems.
    • Web Design (Responsive HTML / CSS frameworks / jQuery)
    • Strong JavaScript knowledge
    • Front-end Framework (React, Angular2, Backbone)
    • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, Redis)
    • Full-stack Javascript (Node, MERN stack, Hapi, Sails)
  • Other technologies that would be useful to have:
    • At least one additional object-oriented scripting languages (ruby preferred)
    • SQL Databases (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Neo4).
    • Infrastructure (cloud deployment, security, devOps, performance)


  • Fluent in English, as the bootcamp will be taught in that language. 
  • Passion for education: although we don’t require previous formal teaching experience, we’re looking for people that enjoy teaching/mentoring others and that are involved in the coding community.
  • Experience managing and keeping a team motivated. Can-do attitude and a good sense of humor.
  • Important: need to be eligible to work in France


  • Great communication skills, can you be engaging as a teacher? :)