Data Analytics - Teaching Assistant

Job description

#About Ironhack

Ironhack is an education startup that was founded to disrupt the way we learn about technology. We think it sucks that we’ve been learning the same way since the Industrial Revolution, so we empower students to find meaningful careers in software development or product design by offering immersive learning experiences to extremely motivated people.

Our higher purpose is to transform the education space by making it more customer-centric and outcomes-driven. Students finish our program with a new way of thinking and approaching problems, resulting in new jobs, companies they’ve built, or promotions at their current jobs.  

We are constantly updating our curriculum to reflect changes in the industry and we work hard to build a passionate community for our students and staff. With 20+ nationalities represented in a staff of 90+ people, we are no strangers to diverse points of view, unusual background stories and independent go-getters.

#About the Gig

We’re looking for a Teaching Assistant for our Data Analytics Bootcamp with a passion for data and for sharing their knowledge. You need to be a strong communicator and very patient -- you will find yourself explaining many abstract and complex concepts in math and technology to students.

The Teaching Assistant will be responsible for:

  • Assisting with the academic experience of an Ironhack bootcamp (from student selection to graduation).

  • Helping students at our Miami Campus.

  • Screening prospective students through technical interviews and coding challenges.

  • Working with the Ironhack team to improve the data analytics curriculum and teaching practices.

  • Overseeing administrative tasks for the course.


#Is This You?

  • Solid foundation in statistics and probability.

  • Strong technical skills in Python and SQL.

  • Experience in machine learning.

  • Familiarity with Jupyter and Tableau.

  • Passion for teaching: although we don’t require previous formal teaching experiences, we’re looking for people who truly enjoy teaching, mentoring, and giving feedback for students.

  • Organized and punctual.

  • Experience managing and keeping a team motivated. 

  • Can-do attitude and a good sense of humor.

  • Great communication skills with an ability to capture people’s attention :)

  • Fluent in English.

  • Important: Needs to be eligible to work in the US

#Some Quick Facts:

  • Founded by Wharton and Harvard grads in the fall of 2013

  • Campuses in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo… and more opening soon

  • 100% YoY Growth (help us to keep it going!)

  • Already graduated over 2,000 students

  • 90+ global team members + VC-backed

We’re really just getting started. Come join us and make a difference!